Dustin was absolutely amazing. I thought that the inspection would take 2 hours... Not with Dustin. He took a whooping 5. He crawled underneath the house, he crawled out roof. He climbed up and inspected our gutters and was able to through examine interior defects to ensure that the problems were not more sinister (foundation related etc) in his report, he added clear photos with arrows and information. He also provided information for how to mitigate, fix and also provided reference material with term/abbreviation definitions that we could use to understand his concerns. So I didn't have to Google what he flagged! He also called me (after hours!) To discuss the report and ran through the items in order of magnitude, telling me what could pass vs what can't. The other benefit to hiring Dustin is that he is HANDY, he has been in construction for many years and has a good sense of how much things cost, how hard they are to fix and adjust. So he brought that knowledge to the table when directing me on what to be most concerned about. He was polite, well mannered and professional - of his wife is the sweetest thing. SUPER PERSONABLE. He is just a human, he CARES about his job he is ethical and is thorough. We will be rehiring Dustin to inspect once repairs are done on the house we intend to buy and send the Highest recommendations for Dustin.

Andrea Perez

Within minutes of starting his inspection, Dustin was able to point out a lot of issues with our pool, our gutters, and the basement area of our home. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the entire process - explaining everything in his report and make sure we were included in every step. Would definitely recommend working with Dustin for all of your home inspection needs!!

Alexis Degazio

Dustin did a great job with our new home inspection! He was very friendly and personal to work with. While at the house doing the inspection he was informative about the specifications of the house, letting me know where shut-offs, GFIs, etc were located. His report was very thorough and informative. There were a ton of pictures including to show the items that were found. Dustin was very good at following up afterwards and made sure he was available for questions. He was super quick to respond when questions came up. I would definitely recommend Dustin's services 100%. He made this step of our buying process seamless.

Megan Arnett

Couldn't ask for a better inspector. Dustin was very friendly and professional. He took the time to throughly inspect the entire house top to bottom. Dustin was very descriptive and went above and beyond in his inspection. In our garage, he found the smallest crack in our air vent that would eventually be leaking carbon monoxide once we turned the heat on in the winter! So thankful I found a thorough inspector who really cares about his customers! I will be referring him to anyone I know who needs a home inspection.

Dale Bushey

We just bought our second home in Tennessee and I felt so confident buying a home sight unseen with American Legacy. They were so thorough and sent us a very detailed professional looking digital report. Thank you again Dustin!

Jessie Goergen

We have bought 4 homes and this was the best inspection yet. 10/10 recommend!

Jay G